Rural areas, including residential acreages and crop fields, make up the upper portion of the Fourmile Creek watershed landscape. These areas have drastically changed from the past landscape of prairie and woodlands. Because of this, most of the rainfall does not infiltrate into the ground and instead quickly runs off into nearby water bodies. Fertilizers, chemicals, and other pollutants are often carried with this water causing degraded water quality. In some cases, exposed soil is also carried with the water leading to erosion. Current management practices are also resulting in decreased amounts of organic matter, causing less productive soils.

There are many conservation practices that can help solve some of these issues. Farmers and landowners are currently working with one another as well as local agencies to try and implement these solutions in order to improve water quality and reduce downstream flooding.

Rural Conservation

Connecting Iowa's argircultural and natural resources needs.

Watershed 101

What is a watershed? How are you connected to water, flooding, and water quality?

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The Problem

The vast changes that have occurred across Iowa’s landscape have led to major negative environmental impacts. These impacts have lead to poor water quality, erosion of topsoil, and decreased soil health as well as many other concerns. These problems just don’t negatively affect our environment; they can be detrimental to crop production and impact human health.

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The Solution

There are many changes landowners and producers can make on the landscape to solve some of the environmental problems seen today. These changes can range from building a small wetland to complete management changes like extended crop rotations.

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Get Involved

The first steps towards solving many of our environmental issues are figuring out what problems you are having and what potential solutions are out there. Luckily, we can potentially cover some of the cost associated with implementing these solutions. To learn more about the potential cost share opportunities click here or contact us today!

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The Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority was formed in 2012