What is the Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority?

A Watershed Management Authority is formed when two or more political subdivisions want to work together to engage in watershed planning and management. The political subdivisions can include a combination of cities, counties, and Soil and Water Conservation Districts. The Fourmile Creek WMA was formed in the Fall of 2012 under a Chapter 28E Agreement. This organization was established to provide a common voice and to facilitate inter-jurisdictional cooperation in working together on watershed issues and opportunities.

WMA responsibilities may include:

  • Assess the flood risk in the watershed
  • Assess the water quality in the watershed
  • Assess options for reduction flood risk and improving water quality in the watershed
  • Monitor federal flood risk and activities
  • Educate residents of the watershed area regarding water quality and flood risks
  • Seek and allocated funding made available for purposes of water quality and flood risks
  • Make and enter into contracts and agreements and execute all instruments necessary or incidental to the performance of the duties of the Authority. The Authority shall not have the power to acquire property be eminent domain or having taxing authority, per Iowa Code Chapter 466B.2.

WMA Mission Statement: “To promote land stewardship and sustainable watershed management that reduces flood risk, improves water quality and support socioeconomic and environmental functions.”

Sediment and bacteria are the primary pollutants in the Fourmile Creek watershed