Greenway Master Plan

The Lower Fourmile Creek Greenway Master Plan is one of the first steps in implementing the Fourmile Creek Watershed Management Authority’s vision for the creek. Greenways are an integral part of a community fabric. They provide connections between neighborhoods and local destinations. They can provide vibrancy to a community which attracts and retains people of all ages. They encourage alternative transportation and access to recreational resources and the natural environment. They also play a critical role in protecting and enhancing a community’s water quality, as well as reducing flood risk and damage. This master plan will address these critical components and identify potential recreational and educational amenities the greenway system can offer.

Definition of a greenway:

A linear corridor of open space along a waterway, promoting public health, safety and general welfare thru flood protection and water quality improvements. This greenway is intended to be land protected for environmentally sustainable purposes and may include passive recreation and educational amenities, cultural resources, urban agriculture, conservation, and non-vehicular transportation.

Explore the Master Plan

Follow the link below to explore the online “story map” report. The story map summarizes the master planning journey and reveals the final master plan developed from regional collaboration.

See full map and additional information by clicking HERE!

Fourmile Creek and its tributaries run for over 40 miles before entering the Des Moines River