Fourmile Creek Watershed (July 2015):

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Fourmile Creek Final Report (December 2013):

Executive Summary (1.3 Mb)

Final Report With Executive Summary (9.3 Mb)

Thematic Maps 1-11 (10.8 Mb)

Inundation Map - 2010 Land Use (Maps 12.0 - 12.24) (16.4 Mb)

Inundation Map - 2030 Land Use (Maps 13.0 - 13.24) (16.4 Mb)

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Purpose of the Project: Engage the public in watershed management for Fourmile Creek to address water quantity and quality issues; develop new hydrologic and hydraulic models for existing and future conditions; prepare alternatives for flood reduction, water quality improvements, and watershed management.

The project will include several tasks, including for example:

  • Initial Public Meetings to gather information, concerns, and opportunities.
  • Information gathering and base mapping in GIS.
  • Develop a hydrologic model of the watershed to estimate peak discharges
  • Develop a hydraulic model to estimate water surface elevations, complementing previous efforts
  • Develop updated inundation maps
  • Use future land use plans and model the hydrology
  • Evaluate stormwater management alternatives
  • Have Public Meetings to share study findings
  • Recommend stormwater management strategies

Fourmile Creek Watershed Brochure

Study Area Map

Watershed Map - with tributaries

2013 - April 3 & 4

Notice of public meeting for Fourmile Creek Watershed Study (PDF)

Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)

Fourmile Creek Watershed Poster
FMCWS Poster

2012 - June 27 & 28

Notice of public meeting for Fourmile Creek Watershed Study (PDF)

Public Meeting Presentation (PDF) (5Mb)

2011 - June 21 & 22